What is the moon phase?

Lunar eclipse in summer 2018 – Which moon phase will show?

This is already the third article about lunar eclipse 2018. The question I want to answer in this article is about the moon phase of the lunar eclipse 2018.

Which moon phases are there?

There is the full moon and the new moon, so the introductory question about the moon phase is also answered. In between, there is the waxing moon (new moon > full moon) and the waning moon (full moon > new moon). Unlike a solar eclipse, which can also occur at new moon, a lunar eclipse occurs exclusively at full moon. I could end this article with that, because the question was "What is the moon phase". But my inclined readership is used to me wanting to convey some clever knowledge.

New Moon – Why do we sometimes see the "whole" moon?

New moon over the beach of Prerow In the picture you can see the complete moon next to the crescent moon. This is possible on particularly clear nights, because the sunlight is very weakly reflected by our – probably unique – planet. In addition, we often see the moon in broad daylight in the sky, which I always find fascinating. This is due to the angle at which the moon is in relation to the sun. At such moments, the following recordings can be taken. I am very curious what I will achieve during the total lunar eclipse on 27.07.2018. I myself will experience the moonrise already at the onset of the total eclipse and hope that at the end of the blue hour over the Atlantic the weather allows a clear view. From the content of these articles you can see a certain moonlust, which is said to me. In my account at Flickr there is an album about the moon and you might think that the assumption is correct. Take a look at it and decide for yourself what is the (moon) phase for me.

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