Timelapse in Mallorca

We finally go on holiday and after we experienced the Canary Islands, more precisely Gran Canaria last summer, this year we go to Mallorca – so to the Balearic Islands. On this beautiful island I would also like to deal with different Timelapes projects and approach them with the Holy Grail of Timelapse. What a Timelapes is and what it has to do with Indiana Jones, this article should explain to you.

Timelapse, what is it?

Timelapse is the English term for timelapse. This means that time is being spent. Each of you has certainly painted a flipbook, nothing else is Timelapse. Individual images, which are recorded with a time delay, are played one after the other. If you play 25 images in one second, it seems fluid for the viewer and one speaks of a film. So if I take a picture every 10 seconds and then play the pictures quickly, I grab the time.

Sunrise at Cap Formentor
Sunrise at Cap Formentor

Holy Grail at Timelapse?

I suspected that this question would come, because I am writing the text. 😉 It has nothing to do with religion and nothing to do with Indiana Jones, who finds the Holy Grail in the form of a simple cup in the rock city of Petra with his father – played by the great actor Sean Connery. Photographers who deal with timelapse speak of the holy grail when the transition from day to night or night to day is to be captured in time-lapse. This is not so easy, because the changing lighting conditions must be compensated. To do this, the photographer must adjust the ISO, the exposure time and possibly also the aperture during the recording.

Wasn't there already an idea?

Oh yes, there's a dream I want to fulfill. I published this article many moons ago, more precisely on May 30, 2013. There was also a video embedded that you can watch there. For all those who are hoping for a little movie here, I once captured a car ride in time-lapse – film off…

The wild ride in Gran Canaria

If this ride was too wild for you, I produced another timelapse. Here you can see the Alpenglow in the Zugspitze region – film from…

Timelapse, taken in the Alps.

Back to the project

After I have explained to you something that is a timelapse, I would now like you to know about my idea:

I want to create three films during my holiday in Mallorca. One film should capture the sunset, one the sunrise and a film should set the starry sky in motion. For the first two topics, I need technical support. To live up to the Holy Grail, I will control my camera via Wi-Fi. For this I will use the Windows program Camera Control .

With this free program for Windows I can control my camera very precisely. I can change the ISO, shutter speed and aperture at a running interval without touching the camera. In addition, I can read the focal length and thus also provide movement in the image by changing the focal length.

Why Olympus does not design its app for iOS and Android in this way, the marketing strategists have to answer. For the new top model there is a program for Windows and Mac, unfortunately the tool is not backwards compatible.

During the recordings I have a lot of time and so I will possibly report live on Facebook or Twitter. If I have a lot of desire and time (so only desire, because I have time) I also make a short video in which I explain how the films are made.

So, stay curious and tell others about my plan. Maybe one or the other has tips for me.

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