The Lyrids in April

It's time for us to make a wish again. This article is about the Lyrids who pounce on Earth. Where my inclined readership can see this shower of shooting stars, I will of course also reveal in this article.

Where does the name for the Lyrids come from?

The shooting star is actually cosmic garbage, I have already explained elsewhere . There I explained the Perseids.

The meteor shower that pours over us at the end of April owes its name to a plucked instrument – the lyre. This is also the constellation associated with the April Lyrids. In German, the constellation is called Lyre and appears in April. After sunset, the zodiac sign rises in the north. Around 20:00 o'clock the Lyrids will also be seen.

When does the spectacle begin?

The shooting stars begin on April 14 and then pounce to Earth by April 30. The highlight will be experienced in the nights from 21 to 23 April.

The Lyrids move across the sky from northeast to south and are followed by the Milky Way for the eyes.

The Lyrids in the night sky
The shooting stars of the Lyrids in the night sky (Source BR)

Is it possible to photograph shooting stars?

Shooting stars can actually be photographed. The following basic rules apply:

  1. Please be sure to place the camera on a tripod .
  2. Select long exposure time ; 20 to 30 seconds I recommend.
  3. ISO between 800 and 1,600, the light has to be captured.
  4. Use a wide-angle lens so you can cover a large area of the sky.
  5. Take pictures at close intervals. This increases your chance of catching one of the shooting stars of the Lyrids. You can use functions such as time-lapse or an external trigger.
  6. Adjust the focus once. Then switch to manual focus. This saves time and you can take pictures without long distances.
  7. Choose as dark an environment as possible. The residual light from us humans is very disturbing in astrophotography .

I wish you much success in the hunt for shooting stars and keep in mind that you must not betray the wishes. Otherwise, the Lyrids have thrown themselves on our planet in vain.

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