Heaven in April 2020

It's impressive; the whole world is more or less in quarantine or practicing social distancing and nature just keeps going. Even the sky in April 2020 will not let this small, annoying virus stop it from showing us the sun, moon, stars, constellations and planets.

Consistency is also important in these times and for my inclined readership this also includes a preview of the celestial events, moon phases and other peculiarities that await us in the sky in April 2020.

Before I go into the moon phases, I introduce you here in short form the highlights in the sky in April:

On April 3, Venus is exactly in the Pleiades. The Seven Stars is actually an open star cluster consisting of thousands of stars.

In the morning hours of the 14th and 15th April, the crescent moon of the waning moon joins Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. If the moon is still a hand's width to the right of Jupiter on April 14, you will find the crescent moon in the middle of Jupiter and Saturn on the morning of April 15.

Between April 24 and 28 , the waning crescent of Venus and narrow, waxing crescent moon form a pretty sight on the horizon. The moon is wandering past Venus these days and is only three finger widths away from Venus on April 26. (Source Bresser)

The phases of the moon in the sky in April 2020

The moon is busy with its regular yo-yo effect again. Since the new moon on March 24, 2020, we are facing the waxing crescent moon on 01.04.2020 and April 30, 2020.

The full moon will be great!

My inclined reading already got to know the different names of the full moon in February and March . Also, the full moon in the sky in April 2020 has different names. I'll go into some of them here:

The Easter Moon

It could hardly be more obvious. In the Easter season, the full moon is also called Easter moon. But there is more to this old German name than that. Not only the Easter, which usually takes place during this time, is eponymous. The fact that the sun is currently rising exactly in the east can also be found in this name.

Pink Moon

Algonquin, a tribe of Native Americans, has realized that the phlox is flourishing at this time. The flowers shine in the most beautiful pink and hence the name Pink Moon.

There are still known names like Grass Moon, Walking Moon, Fish Moon and Egg Moon. Last but not least, I would like to introduce a name for this full moon.


This name has something directly to do with the title. Because the full moon in the sky in April 2020 is called Launing, because the name Launing is an old name for the fourth month, i.e. for April. And April has its witty sides, so the name fits the full moon.

When is the full moon?

Now you have read so much about the Launing and I have not yet told you when the moon is full again. You will experience the full manifestation of the moon on the morning of April 8, 2020, exactly at 4:35 am.

And then there was another word: great! After the supermoon hid behind the clouds at sunrise in March, photographers and lunar seekers have another chance to capture the supermoon on April 8. The moon rises on April 7, 2020 at 6:58 pm, has its manifestation as a full moon at 4:35 am and sets on the horizon at 07:01 am.

Waxing crescent in April

Also in April 2020, the moon is busy with diminishing. We can then admire Luna on April 15 as a waning crescent. On April 23rd there is new moon and thus we can admire five moon phases in April.

What else is happening in the sky in April 2020?

Mars and Saturn

When the month begins and the sun rises on April 1st, two protagonists of the month have already finished their appearance. At 5:38 a.m., both can be seen in conjunction 10° above the southeastern horizon.

Mars will play a role again in April, because on April 16, 2020, our neighboring planet will show up with our satellite to the moon in the constellation Capricorn. At 6:39 a.m., my inclined readership and 20° above the southeastern horizon find both Mars and the Moon on top of each other. To the right are also Saturn and Jupiter.

Was that it?

In no case was that all for April. I will edit a highlight in a separate post and if the inclined readership would like to know that this article has appeared, then simply subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on Facebook or on Twitter.

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