Technology tour at the Olympiastadion Berlin

Climbed into the roof in the second living room

There was this Facebook advertisement for a technology tour in the Olympiastadion Berlin and I had the desire and time. So quickly ordered tickets for my daughter and me and off we went. What happened during the tour, the inclined readership learns in this post.

Technology tour at the Olympiastadion Berlin

Do we have plans for 10.06.? With these words, this story begins. On this very day, the first technology tour for "everyone" will take place in Berlin's Olympic Stadium . Our family calendar indicated that there was nothing to do that day. So I asked my older daughter – an avowed Hertha BSC fan – if she would like to come along. She immediately said yes and I ordered the tickets quickly. Online, none of this is a problem. After paying for the cards, I noticed that there was a minimum age of 18 years. However, my daughter is "only" 13 years old. To be on the safe side, I called the Olympic Stadium and there the restriction was confirmed. Well, then I cancel the booking with the agent. I wasn't able to do that… So I have an appointment and two cards… And now? I thought back and forth about who I could take with me. I have some football fans that I could take with me. With photo enthusiasts who are also football fans, the selection is already getting thinner. After some back and forth in my head, I asked Horst. He could not resist his Helga and agreed after a calendar check. (Horst and Helga is an insider who will NOT be dissolved at this point. 😉 )

A pretty hot summer

So came the 10.06.2018. We met at the train station and set off. The weather was humid and every movement produced a small sweat. In the train we talked about the upcoming and past concerts, about the upcoming football season of our clubs and about the upcoming summer holidays. When asked how high it would go, I answered with shining eyes "Up to the roof!". Now my nest became a little thoughtful. He told me that he doesn't have it that way with the altitude suitability. We then agreed that we would ask again at the Olympic Stadium and then see what happened. The rest was chatting, laughing and indulging in anticipation. Arriving at the stadium, we went in through the visitors' entrance and registered with the tickets. We were asked to sign that we:

  • are of legal age (adult does not apply)
  • are healthy
  • are sober
  • will wear suitable footwear
  • listen to the guide
  • keep the organizer guilt-free
  • and then that we are not afraid of heights or claustrophobia.

First we just signed it and then asked what if you were afraid of heights. We could clarify this with the guide, but the group has to stay together in any case. Then I was asked about my tracking sandals – keyword "suitable footwear". I assured that these shoes have already climbed many terrain and was able to calm the two ladies at the counter. At the door it was clear to us that we still had some time and so we made our way towards the Ostkurve. This is where the die-hard Hertha fans stand and cheer on the Old Lady with me behind them. Today we went down the steps to the ditch. Work was underway, because a few days ago there were still cars in the interior, Guns 'n' Roses were playing and the DFB Cup final was not long ago. This was surprisingly clearly won by the players of Eintracht Frankfurt. All that was secondary today. Our focus today was on the architecture of this imposing building – and the weather. Rain and thunderstorms were forecast for the afternoon.

The technology tour in the Olympiastadion Berlin starts and the rain!

It was announced for the afternoon rain and thunderstorms and shortly before the start of the technical tour it started to rain. Not doll, but you could guess from the clouds that there is more in the approach. We didn't care at that time, because the weather promised cooling and we are out and about in the building. In the rain, the guide greeted us and first guided us into the Ostkurve. Here the tour was explained to us in broad outlines. The guide – architect by profession – also dealt with the weather. His words were something like this: "If it's a typical Westend thunderstorm, we go to the roof. If it turns out to be a real storm, it won't work with the roof." Everything else was technology, architecture and many stairs. Some rooms I knew from the previous tours. For the first time I was able to walk through the ditch that separates the pitch from the stands. The guide showed us many technical highlights on the tour, starting with the channels for the TV cables, over one of four air conditioners to a UPS unit, which I have never seen in this size. Again and again, the group was explained what was preserved from the Olympic Stadium of 1936 and what was newly built in the run-up to the 2006 FIFA World Cup. For example, some seats to the left and right of the FIFA and UEFA matches are not for sale. Why? Because these are not covered. Can't make it up, but that's the way it is. The award-winning roof is also something special. The architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners adhered to the guidelines not to obscure the bell tower towering to the west. They have succeeded in creating a landmark in Berlin that is used for many sporting events. The Bell Tower

It goes into the roof

After many steps, which led us into the circulation of the upper ring, we went past the press tribune and moaning Berlin construction workers it went higher and higher. My buddy Horst, the old bean counter had become a bit calmer, because suddenly we went up a ladder almost 1.50 meters higher and we stood so that we could see the Teufelsberg with the listening station. Here we parted ways – for the time being. For me, a great wish came true. Over a footbridge we went with helmet into the roof. Everything from now on is just fascination. I moved in the roof towards the light channel. After a few minutes in the roof I noticed my buddy Horst. He signals to me that he needs a helmet, because he wanted to try to go that way as well. I was fascinated, because for someone with a real fear of heights, the path is not easy. He took heart and walked the path.

What remains after the technology tour in the Olympiastadion Berlin?

At first, there was disillusionment about the little accommodating behavior of the ticket agency. Here is a request to the Berlin Olympic Stadium: In my opinion, the age indication should be highlighted clearly and above. Then there was the weather. Can't influence, but if need be, Peter stands by us. Last but not least, there is this stadium. I regularly celebrate and rant there from the upper ring of the Ostkurve in the home games of my Hertha. And then there was my buddy Horst. We tick very similarly and are often on the road together. The next joint highlight has nothing to do with football and will also take place in Köpenik. And in the end I went to the fan shop, a new headgear for the summer had to be found.

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