Penumbral eclipse over Europe

On 10.01.2020 is full moon and it will be visible through a certain constellation of sun, earth and moon a penumbral eclipse over Europe – if the weather plays along. I will try to photograph the event together with my daughter.

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Penumbra, what is it?

Here is once again clever knowledge for the inclined readership. You have to know that a lunar eclipse in three versions is visible to us humans. Experts speak of the three shadows of the earth, which cause a partial lunar eclipse, a penumbral eclipse or a total lunar eclipse.

Partial lunar eclipse

On the way to the moon - This sight has nothing to do with the penumbral eclipse over Europe. It is a partial lunar eclipse.
During the partial lunar eclipse I was also able to "flash" this motorist.

During a partial lunar eclipse, parts of the moon are obscured by the Earth's umbra called umbra. This shadow then "wanders" over the moon and only parts of the moon are obscured by the shadow.

Total lunar eclipse

This blood moon will not be visible during the penumbral eclipse over Europe.
The lunar eclipse in 2018 made this recording possible for me.

The umbra plays a prominent role in this eclipse, because the moon "dips" into this umbra on its orbit. The so-called blood moon (see picture above) comes to light.

Penumbral eclipse

On January 10, 2020 , the moon will dive into the very pale penumbra of the Earth and there will be a penumbral eclipse over Europe. The darkening of the moon is not as strong as during a partial or total lunar eclipse. In January 2020, the moon will dive particularly deep into the penumbra, so that the darkening – assuming a clear view – will be clearly visible.

From the beginning at 18:07:44 to the maximum darkening at 20:10:02 until the exit from the penumbra at 22:12:09, this penumbral eclipse over Europe lasts 4 hours, 4 minutes and 35 seconds.

Penumbral eclipse over Europe

more dates

This year, the moon dives again in the penumbra of the earth, but not as deep. On June 5, 2020 , it's that time again. When parts of the inclined readership are on the road in southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland and southern Europe on 5 July 2020, these parts of my readership will enjoy another penumbral eclipse over Europe.

After the penumbral eclipse, the moon will show up as a "normal" full moon.

Next door on Facebook, I invite the inclined readership to join the event on this topic and share what they have experienced.

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