In the Bavarian Forest by day and night

night in the bavarian forest

Already before we started the journey I contacted our hosts and asked for good jobs for stargazing and astrophotography. Here a quote from the answer:

Night photos with a starry sky can be taken on the Dreisessel Berg about 1200 meters high. (little light pollution) The triple chair is easy to reach by car. (About 25km) On Instagram #Triple chair you will find among other things also beautiful night pictures

Answer from Family Kittl to my e-mail

So the triple chair came firmly into the plan and there the following pictures were taken.

  • Links neben der Milchstraße sind Jupiter und Saturn zu erkennen. Die beiden ziehen auch über den Septemberhimmel.
  • Der Mond spielte schon am Monatsanfang seine erste Hauptrolle am Himmel im September 2020
  • Der Himmel im August 2020 wird auch wieder zu etlichen neuen Aufnahmen führen.

You have already seen the first pictures. Some of them were taken when I spent the first night on the triple chair with my big daughter. We have scheduled this trip for the night of the new moon. It was great! Thanks to very little interference from artificial light. I concentrated on the course of the stars so that I could produce a great film for me and for you, which shows the night in its full beauty. At the end of this paragraph you will find a small video. See it as a preview of what will be appearing there in the near future on my Youtube channel and enjoy six seconds of night in the Bavarian forest.

Timelapse in the bavarian forest recorded incl. star trails

photos with daylight in the bavarian forest

Of course, I also pursued my hobby of photography during the day.

The landscape of the bavarian forest, many a building moved in front of my lenses in the right light. Also these pictures I would not like to withhold from you. But before you have to endure my conclusion to the vacation in the Bavarian forest and I promise you, it will not be 300 words.

Fazit-to-the-holiday-in-the-Bavarian Forest

The trip to the Bavarian Forest was the necessary adaptation to the circumstances that Corona demanded from each of us. Many friends preferred to look at home rather than embark on the planned trips abroad. All in all it was a great vacation. Our hosts in Böhmzwiesel, the landscapes of the Bavarian Forest, the weather, the excursion possibilities and last but not least this wonderful time with my family are the ingredients that make every vacation perfect.

But now to the promised pictures.

  • Waldkirchen im bayrischen Wald
  • Waldkirchen im bayrischen Wald
  • Auf dem Baumkronenpfad im bayrischen Wald
  • Im Nationalpark bayrischer Wald
  • Im Nationalpark bayrischer Wald
  • Im Nationalpark bayrischer Wald
  • Der Dom zu Passau
  • Passau im bayrischen Wald
  • Passau im bayrischen Wald
  • Vornbach im bayrischen Wald
  • Vornbach im bayrischen Wald
  • Der Hochstein im bayrischen Wald
  • Ein Blick durch den bayrischen Wald

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