In the Bavarian Forest by day and night

Travel impressions-created in the bavarian forest

In 2020 everything is a little bit different, so is our vacation in Sweden. It took place in the Bavarian Forest. How I bring this vacation together with my hobby of astrophotography, I write down here for you.

family vacation in bavaria

If you know this page, you might have already read my travel diary from the year 2015. In it I dedicated an article with photos and videos to each day and the many topics around this trip. The report about the summer vacation 2020 is not that detailed.

More often I present individual destinations that I have visited alone, with my big daughter and with my whole family. I will also show you why some places in the Bavarian Forest are worth visiting two or three times.

The sun is setting over the bavarian forest
In these photos I captured the wonderful atmosphere of the golden hour in the bavarian forest.

accommodation in the bavarian forest

The decision for the bavarian forest is based on a proposal of my dear wife. My option with a trip to the Stubai Valley in Austria did not stand up to the prices called up there, so we looked for a vacation apartment on the usual portals. We prefer to travel individually and a hotel simply no longer fits in with our family vacations.

So it came about that we requested two vacation apartments, which fulfilled all the wishes of our family of four. Coincidence wanted it that both also confirmed. #Luxury problems in the Bavarian forest 😉

After having scrutinized both offers, we decided to go for family Kittl. We have never regretted this decision. From the arrival – we were surprised with cake – to the fresh rolls and plum cake from the family bakery and the garden – where I had some beer at the end of the day – everything was as we wished for our stay.

Beers in the Bavarian Forest
Various places in Bavaria mean different beers. In the bavarian forest I have enjoyed many a white beer and light beer. Here is a small collage.

With the family in the Bavarian Forest

We always try to tailor our vacations to the whole family. So every one has his highlights and each of my girls gets his money’s worth.

So in the run-up we searched for and found different destinations, listed them in a list and tried to distribute them over the 13 days.

And these were our goals in and around the Bavarian Forest:

Salzburgtime was missing, have also been there several times
Spelt MuseumClosed
Mariensteig (Passau)Time was missing can certainly be made up for on occasion
graphite mineclosed
Lusen (hiking)time missing, will be made up for
Walhallatime missing 🙁
Climbing Forest WaldkirchenAction has to be
Outdoor pool
(any repetitions possible)
incl. fries 😉
Befreiungshalle Kehlheimspontaneously added to the list
Kloster WeltenbrugRecommendation from friends
Steamboat trip on the Danube in connection with Kloster Weltenburg
Großer Arber
Dreisesselberg (at night) once with the great daughter, just the camera and me
Dreisesselberg (hiking)with my dear wife
tree top path
game park
monastery Vornbachwish of the great daughter
Spiegelau (factory sales)“While we are near .. “
SchaukelwegWish of the “little” daughter
Summer toboggan run GrafenauAction must be
Our planned undertakings with comments

photo equipment hiking suitable?

The sky in August 2020 will again lead to several new images.
I continue to collect images of the sky. Also in August 2020 this will continue. This image was taken at sunset on the Dreisesselberg in the Bavarian Forest.

I only changed from Olympus with MFT sensor to Sony with a full format sensor last year. The accessories and especially the lens kit brought quite a lot of weight. Add to that the tripod and some filters and you get a lot of weight. So on longer hikes I practice without and only take the Sony 24-240mm 3.5-5.6 with me.

When I took the complete equipment with me, I was extremely happy if I was allowed to put the backpack down or if the finish was near the parking lot.

On trips with the car I always had the big cutlery with me, as I call my photo equipment affectionately.

On the next page some pictures from the night and the day are waiting for you and a short film has also found its way into this article.

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