Astrophotography – my Topic 2020

In 2019 it was very quiet here and I thought about turning off this page. But my heart told me that this site “only” has to become more alive – with astrophotography.

2020 will be astronomical

I have covered many topics here already, but one topic has moved further and further forward – astrophotography. Now it is not only the photography of star trails or the Milky Way, but also sun, moon, planets and constellations. As an introduction, I once summarised all pictures related to this topic in a Flickr album.

What does this mean for thewilling readership

My readership is used to me around the topics that I or those I deal with, write articles, share videos and photos and name dates. It goes on in the same way.

Furthermore I will deal with the hardware topic in astrophotography and let you participate in the discussion.

Where is the topic astrophotography still being treated?

I am active in many social networks. Some even think that there are too many. But this is exactly where a lot of things will happen that have to do with astrophotography. Photos are shown at Flickr, videos are available at YouTube. Dates are published on Facebook and the corresponding reports and experiences are stored here in written form.

only astrophotography ?

There will be a major theme in 2020. This does not mean that I am reducing myself to that. There will continue to be other issues that I am addressing here. All around us is landscape and architecture, there will be travel and there will be themes on which I will comment in one way or another.

Stay as wide awake, ask questions, comment on articles or tell others about this site.

Are there fixed topics?

I will publish monthly on this page an article from the category “The sky in…“. In it I will describe the moon phases in the respective calendar month, but also go into visible stars, planets, space stations and conjunctions. So stay with me and enjoy with me the topic of astrophotography.

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